In the Dash

Running the race, Pressing on

Been a while..

Wow, did you notice how fast January and February have gone by? I just can’t believe it. 1/6th of the year come and gone.

I just noticed that my first post “Happy Resolutions” was in 2015. Ha.  Three years gone by. And that resolution to blog more often.  Well we are at it again.

I just talked to my comrade over at San Juan Gamer and we discussed among other things putting up shorter posts so as to get in the habit without killing a day.  Content needs to be good, but needs to be often too. The whole point of this blog is to try to express the battle of being a Christian and being consistent in the Word while there are so many distractions going on and life is hurtling by.  Dragging us along. Or maybe we are pushing it.

So more often. Shorter.  Content to follow.

Speaking of time going by.  My oldest is turning 32 tomorrow.  Happy Birthday Angie!!

What am I thinking.  She’ll never read this.  Gotta work on marketing………See ya In The Dash.


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