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First Post! Happy Resolutions

Rick RavensHey Everyone Happy New Year!

One of my New Years resolutions is to blog at least once a week.  I am not much of a writer or communicator so this will be a challenge to keep it going as the year progresses. Hope it brings a chuckle at times and a thought at others. Here’s to it not being a burden to me writing nor to you reading. 

I’ve other resolutions going. Usually they don’t hold up very long. Some last 2.75 days. Others trickle out after a couple weeks. Once in a while one will take hold for a few months.  By then I’ve forgotten the resolution was made and it falls by the wayside or some metamorphosis thereof exists in my routine and I don’t even know it.

One is I’m giving it a go to read through my Bible in a year.  I’m using my iPad to do the reading with an app.  The app has a reading plan feature.  This morning I read though the prescribed items and a little later the app reminded me to don’t forget to read through the prescription. Yeah! I beat it to the punch. I’m ahead of the game now.  We’ll see how it goes.

Another is my eating habits.  I’m a glutton for sweets and other “not good for me” stuff.  About a year ago Theresa and I challenged each other to eat healthy – in this version – veganish.  Theresa’s father died at the age of 44 long ago of a heart attack.  So in honor of him we decided to eat a Plant Based diet patterned after the scenario. Been an interesting year at that.  I was real good the first three months – our initial commitment. By June I’d lost 30 pounds, then things leveled off for a bit weight wise, still eating right. This Christmas season has been tougher to make good choices.  I’m not eating meat, but I have lowered my standards a bit to all those tasty treats.  I’m sure I’m getting some egg and milk in those morsels. The whole goal of the plan is to stay away from animal protein and eat non-processed/enriched foodstuffs. So my resolution starting today is to commit to the commitment again. I’m up about 7 pounds, but still feel I’m living a whole lot better the a year ago. Need to ….  aw, I won’t bother you more with it.

Only thing left to say is Go Hawks!

Staying in the race,

Rick Boucher

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